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Supply Chain

TOC Methodology: Demand-Driven Supply Chain / MRP



The essence of the TOC approach to Supply Chain is to align the re-supply activity to ACTUAL consumption rather than (ever more complex) FORECASTS. This changes the basis of the re-supply activities from a "PUSH" system - where supply is forced into the system - to a "PULL" system - where supply is dictated by demand.



What's your problem?

Supply Chains are getting ever more complex to manage. Competitive pressures are driving towards sourcing from low cost locations, extending the geographic scope and timeframes of Supply Chains. At the same time, customers are becoming more demanding and are less prepared to hold inventory. The conflict which arises - an ever widening gap between shortening Customer Tolerance Time and lengthening Supply Chain fulfilment time - is at the root of Supply Chain challenges. 


Or maybe you find these issues prevalent:

  • "We've missed yet another delivery deadline because key components were out-of-stock"
  • "To gain new business we're having to work to ever tighter schedules"
  • "Finance want to cut costs and reduce stock levels, but if we do, how will we meet demand?"
  • "Our Sales Forecasts are hopelessly inaccurate"
  • "We use our ERP system and a raft of spreadsheets, but our production plan is chaotic"
  • "We stockpiled a product because of demand, but now it's out-of-date and we're stuck with it"

Contact us to discuss your needs and how to turn these probelms around. Or our Half-Day Overview (see below) is an ideal way to gain an insight into the principles and benefits of Demand-Driven Supply Chain and how it could work in your organisation. 



What do you need to know?


There is no substitute for the appropriate knowledge and we provide three options depending upon your requirements:

  1. Half-Day – Demand-Driven MRP Overview
  2. One Day – Demand-Driven Strategy Course
  3. Two Day – Demand-Driven Workshop


Half-Day – Demand-Driven MRP Overview

This overview introduces the key concepts in moving to a Demand Driven Supply Chain, and how to transform from a Forecast Driven "PUSH" system to a Demand Driven "PULL" system. The course is ideal for organisations wanting to find out more about Demand Driven Supply Chain principles and a key first step in evaluating the concepts of DDMRP and understanding what is available in training and software support. More information...


One Day Demand-Driven Strategy Course

This course, aimed at board level and senior management teams, explains the full scope and capabilities of what is possible in a Demand-Driven environment. The first part of the day covers the fundamentals of the Demand-Driven approach, moving on to focus on the business impacts and potential strategic options which can be created by being a truly "Demand Driven" organisation.  More information...


Two Day Demand-Driven Workshop

This workshop teaches the full principles of Demand Driven MRP, explaining all aspects of how DDMRP works, and the five major components which are essential to make it work. It addresses how to control and manage a DDMRP environment, make decisions which are consistent with Demand Driven principles, and direct and grow a business using DDMRP as a platform. More information...



Making it happen.


If you need help to implement DDMRP, Critical Point's experience can be available to assist in a smooth transition.



Delivering the results.


And we can be on hand to ensure that the full benefits of moving to DDMRP are delivered and any difficulties are ironed out.



Contact us…

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