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Critical Chain Project Management is in use by many major organisations world-wide who have realised the significant gains to be made by its use. Below are just some of the companies who have reaped the benefits of CCPM.


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Some Organisations Using CCPM

3M                          Exxon Mobil           Ericsson          HP                     Honda                        Siemens Hitachi                   Honeywell               IBM                 Canon               Microsoft                  IKEA  Motorola               Pioneer                   Sony                Ericsson            Sun Microsystems   Xerox      GlaxoSmithKline   Pfizer                      Rolls Royce     BAE                   NASA     Boeing                   Lockheed                Coca-Cola       Colgate             Palmolive                   Tata Nike                       Philip Morris           Alcan               Alfa Lava          Balfour Beatty          Volvo    
Conoco                  DaimlerChrysler    DuPont            Unilever         
  ExxonMobil               Rail Care       

Click here for a list of more organisations using CCPM. 


Some Case Results


Company: Boeing

Programme: Space Shuttle Development

Timeframe: May 2009

Key Statistics:

  • Software Development Project: Completed 42% early
  • Hardware Development Project: Completed 36% early, 20% under budget
  • Engineering Documents Project: Schedule reduction of 58%
  • All projects exceeded quality expectations



Organisation: Japanese Government

Portfolio: Public Works

Timeframe: 2007, 2008, 2009

Key Statistics:

  • 2007 - CCPM used on 2523 projects
  • 2008 - CCPM used on 4000+ projects
  • 2009 - Government directs CCPM to be used on all projects (approx. 20,000 projects p.a.)




Organisation: Unilever South Africa

Portfolio: Factory Capital Works Proof of Concept (17 projects)

Projects: 7 further independent projects

Timeframe: 2002

Key Statistics:

  • Project durations reduced by up to 25%
  • Project lead-time for multi-project portfolio significantly reduced
  • Following completion decision made to roll out CCPM to rest of organisation

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