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CCPM Education

We provide two levels of CCPM Education:


  • Half Day - An Introductory Overview of CCPM
  • Two Day - A CCPM Training Workshop


Half Day CCPM Introduction:


This half day course provides key insights into the benefits of using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) for both single project and multi-project environments. Aimed at project and programme managers or general managers responsible for improving the project performance within their company, it is particularly useful for:

  • Gaining clarity on the common problems in project / programme-based organisations
  • Understanding the crucial differences between CCPM and traditional project management
  • Quickly gaining an understanding of CCPM to see if it would benefit you and your organisation

The course starts by examining the problems familiar to all project managers:

  • Why do projects over-run?
  • Why are budgets never enough?
  • When priorities are constantly changing, where should project teams focus?

The fundamentals of the Critical Chain approach - and in particular its use of project buffers and effective resource synchronisation - are then compared and contrasted with the traditional approach.

Next how the deployment of CCPM in single, multi-project and programme environments results in projects that come in on time, in full, whilst still meeting their original budget and specification constraints.

The session completes with a look at the need for projects to be aligned with the strategy and tactics of the whole organisation.



Two Day CCPM Workshop:


When resources are limited and time is tight, getting a project out on time is often a huge challenge. The temptation is to multi-task on many aspects of the project - or even across several projects - but this is invariably counter productive. Where then should the project team focus? How can managers ensure that each project is fully integrated into the organisation's strategic plan? And how can those running multiple projects synchronize their programme to achieve reliable, realistic targets?

This workshop uses computer simulations, exercises and case studies to examine these questions, and more. It presents a clear picture of the problems encountered by the typical project-based organisation, and explains both why these problems exist and what can be done to solve them.

Workshop Day 1: The single project environment

Using interactive exercises we explore the problems facing project managers and resource managers and examine the underlying causes:

  • Why do projects overrun?
  • Why is the specification always under threat?
  • Why are budgets never enough?
  • Why are priorities are constantly changing?
  • Where should the focus be?

We then run the exercises a second time using CCPM methods and compare the two sets of results and examine the steps necessary to achieve the higher level of performance achieved by using CCPM.


Workshop Day 2: The multi-project environment

A series of practical exercises will show the damaging effects of multi-tasking in the multi-project environment, and scheduling exercises will show how the basics of CCPM for multi-projects are achieved.

Key areas covered include:

  • The particular problems of multi-project environments
  • The need for alignment of both purpose and execution throughout the organisation
  • The necessary stages of change to implement CCPM for multi-project environments  
  • The use of CCPM software to manage the complexity of multi-project environments
  • The need to train personnel so they are capable of creating and validating project networks
  • The need to create and support focused teams
  • Case studies from the UK and USA


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