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Project Management

TOC Methodology: Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)



Despite the often herculean efforts of project teams, it is still the case that many projects are late, over budget, under scope or deliver low quality results. Very often the first of these problems - lateness - is the common factor underlying the occurrence of the other three major project ailments - once a project gets late, one or more or all of the other three problems quickly follow.


Critical Chain Project Management tackles the underlying causes of these delays, that are unfortunately inherent in traditional project management practices and processes, and applies multiple specific solutions to resolve inefficiencies and time wastage. Individually these solutions cure individual problems, but the real power of CCPM is that the combined effect of these solutions working in unison collectively delivers a 'whole system' solution with each part working supportively with each other part to deliver increased efficiency and speed.


This enables CCPM to consistently achieve the following results:


          Project Completion: 20% - 50% faster

          Delivery to Date    : 90% - 100% on-time

          Productivity           : 30% - 60% increase

          Throughput           : 50% - 100% increase




See CCPM Results pages for the results of CCPM at work in multiple organisations.


See CCPM More Information for details of how CCPM achieves these results.


See CCPM Education for details of how to learn more about CCPM.


See CCPM Resources for details of how CCPM achieves these results





What's your problem?


If your project environment (or programmes or portfolio) suffers from ongoing problems of being Late, Over Budget, Below Specification or Below Quality, then CCPM has the proven capability to consign these to history and make dramatic improvements in throughput and productivity.


Although CCPM is most effective when applied at an organisational level, and when time can be available for a considered and planned implementation before the commencement of a project - i.e. building in the Critical Chain working methods right from the start - because the scope and focus of CCPM is the Project Schedule and Project Execution, it can also be used at any point to provide a step increase in speed and progress for an individual project.


There are three situations in which CCPM can be applied to assist in-progress projects:


Project Evaluation: If you are in the early stages of a project - e.g. have just completed your initial planning, a CCPM schedule will provide an alternate, objective view with which to verify (or more likely significantly improve) the timescales of your project.


Project Acceleration: If you are part-way through your project execution but are in need of an increase in speed to ensure that target dates are met, then a CCPM Accelerated Schedule will provide the boost that you need.


Project Rescue*: If it is clear that target date is seriously under threat, a CCPM schedule (with possibly some other CCPM elements as appropriate) may be able to turn a potential disaster into a success.


 (* In one major project which had 6 months left to deliver, and was 5 months behind schedule, CCPM achieved the completion of 11 months work in 6 months, delivered the project on time and avoided a €5 million penalty for the company.)


See the  Project Acceleration page for details of how CCPM can put speed into your project.




What do you need to know?


There are two course options:

  • Half-Day - Critical Chain Introduction
  • Two-Day - Critical Chain Workshop


Half Day Critical Chain Introduction


A comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of Critical Chain, both at at project and at a programme / portfolio level, comparing Critical Chain with traditionally established project management practices, and with time and opportunity for Q & A and discussion of how CCPM could be applied in your specific environment. An ideal way of learning about the essence of the subject and the major benefits it has over conventional project management practices. More Information...


Two Day Critical Chain Workshop

This course goes much deeper into the subject and teaches in detail the principles and methodology behind Critical Chain, and how it works in practice.


The workshop assumes a basic prior knowledge of project management techniques and is suitable for all project management roles - project managers, programme managers, resource managers and key task specialists. More information...




Making it happen.


Critical Chain is an extremely logical approach to project scheduling and execution - all of the component parts are easily understood - but it does require changes to working practices and therefore implementation requires a strong emphasis on education; everyone involved needs to know at least the principles of the methodology and how their day-to-day working practices may be modified - e.g.

  • Task Workers - estimating, and reporting progress.
  • Project Managers - schedule creation, progress & monitoring.

So a CCPM implementation plan will include a schedule of education and briefings, before moving on to project-specific tasks, fundamental of which is the creation of the project dependency diagram (using CCPM methods) from which the CCPM project schedule is created.


In execution, all of the elements of CCPM - changed working practices, schedule execution and monitoring - then operate together for the fast completion of the project.



Delivering the results.


CCPM delivers measurable improvements very quickly.


However, the benefits of CCPM will continue to increase over time as the organisation becomes better at, and more confident in, the methodology. Critical Point can be on hand to ensure that this process continues and successfully delivers the full business benefits, whether this is fine-tuning or problem resolution, or a roll-out to other departments or across the organisation.



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