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Presentations & Courses:

By far the best way to get an understanding of DBR is to attend a presentation or course. If it is not possible to arrange for a presentation for your organisation, complete our contact form and we will notify you of upcoming presentations and courses that you may be able to join.



A web search for 'Drum / Buffer / Rope' or 'TOC' or 'Theory of Constraints' will return a large number of results including software, academic papers, conference extracts, consultancies etc.



The Goal - 20th Anniversary Edition - Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox


No reading list on TOC would be complete without first listing 'The Goal', the seminal bookin which Eli Goldratt first introduced TOC to the business world. With over 3 million copies sold it continues to be a business best-seller.


Applying DBR:
The Race - Goldratt

The Haystack Syndrome - Goldratt

Constraint Management in Manufacturing: Optimising the Global Supply Chain - Ted Hutchin

TOC Executive Challenge: A Goal Game - John Tripp
Production the TOC Way (Self-Learning Kit) With CD-ROM - Eli Goldratt
The Race - Eli Goldratt and Robert Fox
Manufacturing at Warp Speed - Eli Schragenheim and H. William Dettmer
Manufacturer's Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints - Mark J. Woeppel
Managing Operations - James F. Cox III, John H. Blackstone, Jr. & John G. Schleier, Jr.


If you are undecided what book would be appropriate for you, just contact us for advice or request our TOC book list reviews paper using the Contact page.


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