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DBR Education


Two Day DBR Workshop


If you've ever struggled to meet delivery deadlines or achieve a fast, trouble-free flow through your factory and thought "there must be a better way!" - then this workshop will be an excellent stepping stone to making that better way a reality in your manufacturing environment.

The workshop uses computer simulations, exercises and case studies to present a clear picture of the problems found in the typical manufacturing plant, and explains both why these problems exist and what can be done to solve them.


DBR Workshop Day 1

Using an interactive, simulated production plant we attempt to manage fast flow within the operations environment and analyse why such management is so difficult when using conventional methods and measurement systems:

  • Why is the lead time so long?
  • Why is the Due Date Performance < 70%?
  • Why are expediting all the time?
  • Why are we constantly re-scheduling?
  • Why are we not making money?


And this is in an idealized fictional plant with people working a full eight hour day, five day week, suppliers supplying when asked, a market demand that is fixed and known in advance and no problems related to quality or machine breakdowns, so what is happening? Why are we unable to make a profit even in such perfect circumstances? We analyse this, and introduce the following:


  • The TOC response: 'Drum-Buffer-Rope'
  • The lessons to be learnt from Dr Goldratt's seminal book 'The Goal'
  • The Five Focusing Steps


DBR Workshop Day 2

This builds on the lessons of Day One in order to work through the process of constructing robust schedules for any plant configuration. You will learn how to run the simulated plant at its optimal level and will understand exactly what factors have made the difference.

Comparison between the runs shows a process of improvement which works by focusing on the key aspect of the business - the constraint - which acts as the real lever for enhancing performance.

Issues covered include:

  • Learning how to align the other key functions within the workshop or manufacturing environment such as purchasing, engineering and QA
  • The importance of mapping the value stream
  • Assessing the current position through the use of the Lean Scorecard
  • Working through the steps necessary to implement Drum-Buffer-Rope into your organisation

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