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Operations Management

TOC Methodology: Drum/Buffer/Rope Scheduling



Drum/Buffer/Rope (DBR) is a scheduling mechanism which controls and increases the efficiency of the flow of materials through the stages of manufacture and ensures production is consistently optimised and protected from delays and stoppages.


DBR does this by identifying the bottleneck in the sequence of operations - which determines the pace of the whole manufacturing process - and then optimising the flow to and through this point. This ensures that maximum productivity is obtained with the minimum lead time, inventory and operating expense.



What's your problem?

If you've ever struggled to meet delivery deadlines or achieve a fast, trouble-free flow through your factory and thought "there must be a better way!", or have the following issues...


  • "Our inventory levels are so high they're jamming up production"
  • "With lead times as long as this we'll never attract new business"
  • "I seem to spend all my time fire-fighting and rescheduling"
  • "We need to be competitive, but profit levels are falling"
  • "Our internal efficiencies are good - so why is our Due Date performance so dire?"
  • "Our last improvement project didn't work as well as we expected"


... then DBR is almost certainly the answer to your problem. A short review to discuss the issues of your specific environment and the solutions of DBR could remove these problems and set your organisation on a path to much greater efficiency.


Or perhaps take advantage of our short (1/2 Day) introductory overview to gain an immediate understanding of the principles and benefits of DBR? (see below.)



What do you need to know?


We provide two levels of DBR Education:

  • Half Day - An Introductory Overview of DBR
  • Two Day - A DBR Training Workshop


Half Day Introductory Overview of DBR

This session explains the principles of DBR and how its use addresses the problems found within operations environments and leads to a faster response to the market, much improved due date performance and a reduced lead time, thus improving all-round efficiency and profitability. This session includes time for Q&A and discussion of the specific characteristics of your situation.


Two Day DBR Training Workshop

A 2 day workshop covering the principles of DBR, using computer-based simulations to highlight the issues of conventional methods in a production plant and the benefits of using DBR. The set book for this workshop is Goldratt's 'Production the TOC Way' which includes a CD with the key simulations used as part of the training.


  Day 1 - Problems and Principles

Using simulations of a production plant, the problems and difficulties of attempting to manage fast flow within the operations environment using conventional methods and measurements are examined and analysed. Following which the TOC principles of ‘Drum-Buffer-Rope' and their benefits are introduced and explained.


  Day 2 - The DBR Solution

Building on the problem simulations and principles of DBR in Day 1, Day 2 uses a class exercise of constructing robust DBR schedules to show how the issues of conventional methods are resolved.


Click here for full details of this workshop.



Making it happen.


The theory and education are all well and good, but it is only when these are put into practice that tangible results are achieved. Implementing DBR is a significant business change which needs to be planned and coordinated. Our experience of multiple DBR implementations ensures that this runs smoothly and successfully.



Delivering the results.


We can help in ensuring that a significant change such as DBR delivers, and continues to deliver, its full potential by assisting with post-implementation activities including:

  • Post Implementation Review (PIR)
  • Process Tuning
  • Ongoing Improvement Process


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