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Enterprise Management

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Enterprise Management:  "The management of resources, processes and systems throughout an organisation from the start to finish in the delivery of its products or services or goals."

Enterprise Management encompasses everything that an organisation does, both strategically and tactically, which will often involve multiple different and dissimilar areas and disciplines. Maintaining the coordination and flow through and between these areas is of key importance but it is not unusual to find that difficulties arise in achieving this aim.

TOC is focussed on improving speed and throughput. Frequently some investigation will find that a single area is the predominant limiting factor to the flow and capability of the whole organisation. In this case the application of a specific TOC solution can very quickly make dramatic differences to throughput.

On a broader scale, employing TOC disciplines to several parts of an organisation can provide even greater gains by improving the speed and through and between multiple areas.

And lastly by education, awareness and use of some of the underlying TOC principles throughout an organisation, overall coordination and efficiency can be greatly improved. 



What's your problem?


We typically see three situations:


1. "We know we have a problem, we know what it is but we don't have a solution."

It may be that there are known difficulties in one or more parts of your organisation, or in the coordination of these parts. 


- In this case the use of one or more targeted elements of the TOC toolset can be applied to make significant improvements.


2. "We know we have a problem but we don't know what (or where) it is."

It may be that there are overall performance issues but that identifying the key problem(s) is not obvious.


- In this case TOC-based analysis of the situation will bring the main problem to light and provide the target for a solution.


3. "We don't think we have a problem but we need to do better."

Or it may be that your organisation wants or needs to do better and is looking for a way to do it, and is currently unaware of the huge potential improvements that the TOC toolset can bring. 


- In this case TOC-based analysis will identify the areas where TOC can make improvements.


The Commonality of Problems

What experience has shown is the commonality of similar problems across many sectors. Often the language is different but the underlying problems are the same:

  • The same leadership issues and problems: Management and senior staff too overloaded to have time to think, plan and lead their teams.
  • The same problems of constrictions of flow in multiple environments: In manufacturing, in health care, in maintenance and repair etc. There is often simply too much 'work in progress' in the system all the time - whether products or patients or repair items - all being 'pushed' through the system and becoming choked at the bottleneck processes.
  • The same project management challenges: More projects being initiated without due regard to the capacity of the environment, which is working with 'old style' processes and tools that do not work efficiently enough to enable the teams to cope effectively or productively.
  • The same supply chain challenges exist: How to get equipment, supplies and people on hand when needed without blowing the budget and having the space to store it all.
  • The same issues of priority and focus on costs: The often over-riding and disproportionate focus on cost reduction can restrict and degrade performance when the focus needs to be on maximising throughput and getting work completed quickly.
  • The same conflicts and mediation to deal with and resolve.



What do you need to know?


We provide education that covers and links together all of the TOC disciplines to deliver Enterprise Level improvements in:



                  Project Management

                  Operations Management

                  Supply Chain

                  Finance and Accounting

                  Conflict Resolution and Mentoring


Of course every industry has specific characteristics but as we have experience of applying TOC into multiple sectors we can therefore provide TOC Education and Implementation as it applies to specific  industries including:



                  Maintenance and Repair

                  Aerospace and Defence

                  Health Service

                  Voluntary Sector



Making it happen.


With experience of implementation of all of the TOC methodologies across multiple industries we can ensure a successful implementation.



Delivering the results.


And we can be on hand to ensure that the implementation delivers, and continues to deliver, the business expectations across each and all of the TOC disciplines.

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